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We are all one, perfectly connected by our creator. Unfortunately people don’t seem to get that simple concept. Everyone is here for a very specific reason, not by chance. While life can be hard and down right confusing at times to perceive it as though it were a bad camping trip is a waste of what could be positive energy especially considering life appears brief in the bigger scheme of things. In the human form we only have a certain amount of time to complete our work here on Earth. According to our “Soul or Contract Agreement” which we wrote up prior to coming to earth which must be completed.                
I feel it's important in mentioning that our chart or blueprint is very specific. Nothing in life that happens to us is random; we are the authors of our own script. So let us stop blaming God and other people for our disadvantages. Take a moment and look at all the people in your life and what they mean to you. Also keep in mind what lesson you are learning on a regular basis from the people in your own circle. This "Earth" is a Learning place for the soul to learn, grow and experience. There is no in between, but don't let anyone tell you there is a Devil. There is no hell with flaming fire there is only what you create for your-selves. An all loving caring perfect God would not ban us for eternity in fire. Like I say at all my lectures we have to start using our common sense and science fact rather than ancient superstition. Stop accepting what does not reside as truth in your spirit. Our Father and Mother God yes Mother there is a duality. Call me nuts if you like, but we are comprised of masculine and feminine energy's.......Think about it.

For those of you that are just embarking on your spiritual journey follow your heart your discernment and just plain logic. Your God-Center is just a breath away. The love of our Creator is continuous for all of us please do not humanize God. Clients will tell me God is mad at me. God is tired of hearing me. That would make God petty and vindictive!.....which is not a possibility at all. God is all Good and omnipotent, perfect and all Knowing.

                                     Love and Light
                                                    Lorenzo F. Marion
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