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  From 2:00 P.M.-3:30 P.M July 31, 201
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Join Renowned Spiritual Psychic Medium &  Author Lorenzo Marion, give you a "Snap shot" of the spirit world. In this powerful lecture, Lorenzo will share the truth about ghosts, angels, worm holes in space, the bermuda triangle, big foot, hauntings and so much more. Questions & Answers plus a guided meditation  R.S.V. P Call at 941-624-6346 for more info.  All God's Blessings
If you're looking for spiritual counseling and divine guidance for life's challenges and mysteries, contact me today at "The Souls Journey".

For more than eighteen years, I have been one of the most trusted spiritual psychic mediums, offering a wide array of resources for metaphysical counseling and education. Let me help you learn to help yourself by freeing yourself of encumbering problems, enriching your relationships, and developing a clear and directed path through your physical and spiritual lives. 

I offer a wide range of psychic and spiritual services on health, family, careers, past lives, finances and personal and social lives. I believe in providing you with the clearest, most helpful and nurturing psychic and spiritual services available. I am associated with a network of like-minded souls who are spiritually directed and eager to help others on their journey to Enlightenment and peace. 
I believe in the intercession of angels and spirit guides, as well as the intercession of caring people. I am a conduit for the information to come through me from God, not by me. 

Most of us walk around wondering who we are, where we come from and what we doing here. We do not realize that in order to find out who we are we must go within ourselves and search for an inner meaning or a truth that for many is difficult to see. Soul searching or letting go!  You see, most of us are afraid to go within ourselves because that means we have to face our fears. We have to look into our own mirror and face those parts of ourselves that we may not like. My dear friends, once we begin peeling away all of the behavior overlays like fear, anger, phobias etc., we begin to find our own God source center. 

Call me for a reading and I will help you get your life back on track. We are truly our own worst enemies. We stand in the way of our own joy and the abundance that comes with it. As children of God,  We are co-creators with God. Why put yourself through poverty and suffering. Remember like attracts like, if you think it you will become it, our thoughts will manifest from our will and desire, be clear and responsible with your intentions. Nothing in life is by co-incidence everything happens for a reason. If you believe it you will become it. Believe in yourself, and learn to trust your own inner guidance. Let no one control you. 

As my travels on Earth become more interesting, I have learned It's not what you do in life, It's what you do with your Life.  
About Lorenzo Marion
Psychic Medium and Spiritual Teacher

Join Renowned Psychic Medium Lorenzo Marion & Author as he helps you discover THE TRUE meaning of soul connections, kindred souls, twin flames and what it all means. If you have had a soul connection or just want to heal from any past relationship, this class is for you.
Thursday September 30, 2021 

(5:00 PM - 6:30 PM) (EST)

"Conference Style Call in- Class"

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